Info: The english version works now! The language can be changed under options.

Info: Still small bugs with Save/Load. I work on it.


Working on a new Version with:

-New UI

-New dialog system

-Adult content :)  

-Bug fixes

-Android version / Mobile Web Version

-Mouse Support

It takes some time.. sry ^^

Release maybe 2021


Many years ago the horrible ancient conquered the earth.  In the process he faced many other gods in battle.  One of them was the goddess Nekomata.

He won and sealed the gods or locked them into dark places. Help her to win the obscure game of her keeper and leave the dungeon.



Vor vielen Jahren eroberte der grauenvolle Uralte die Erde.  Dabei stellte er sich vielen anderen Göttern im Kampf.  Eine davon war die Göttin Nekomata.

Er gewann und versiegelte die Götter oder sperrte sie an dunkle Orte. Hilf ihr das obskure Spiel ihres Wärters zu gewinnen und das Verlies zu verlassen.

Check it out:

Nekogotchi is a spin-off of my game Nekomata and connects chapters 1 & 2

Nekomata Universe:


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What's the latest update?


I finished the UI rework today.

The new version should work with keyboard, mouse and touch on Windows, Web and Android.

Now I start to rework dialogs and switch the new Busts etc.

But I'm only making slow progress. Little free time for it :(

You can easily modificate your game a bit for making linux build, not a big thing but easy to do:

  1.  Download latest (or v0.51.1) 64bit version of nwjs for linux - and extract to game folder with overwrite
  2.  Rename /Nekomata/www/data/particles/red_sparks.json -> Red_sparks.json (linux is character sensitive)

And that's it. Linux users just have to launch "nw" instad of "Game.exe" so, it's good thing to delete Game.exe just to not make itch launch it accidently.

Also it is a bit confusing me when selecting h-version, which saying "not available" - is it unlockable feature or in future release?

I installed game year ago and didn't start playing because waitin' for h-version, for "full experience", thou it seems as really cool game from comments section

thx a lot, i try this out then the new version is finished.

While the gameplay is basic, I had a pretty good time playing this. One thing I note, when you get within 2 spaces or are next to a death space, the game rolls me dice that would kill me about 4 or 5 times in a row. That is to say if I'm one square from a death square, the game will roll 2 constantly, same thing if rolling a 5 or 6 would kill me. I don't know if you somehow programmed that in or if its some weird bug but I feel like it really adds to the hopelessness this game is suppose to bring, as if the warden  is deliberately messing with the dice. Additionally, the sprite work is beautiful, many people don't sprite dark or grimy colored games often.

As for new players that see this, I played the game with the max amount of starting dice (10+80 from waiting the longest time possible) and made it to the end with ~20 dice despite everything. I think its possible to lower my time to 2 max waits. Take basic probability into account as well, avoid landing on squares that force you to roll very high, very low, or on squares that bring your roll options below 3 possible numbers. In reference to my above statement, you will burn dice trying to roll just right.

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Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback! I'm currently reworking the game, but the mechanics won't change much. The dice are really random! I don't manipulate anything there at any time.

I'm totally happy that you like the look!

There are some practical changes coming in the new version.

For example, a display at the beginning which end you would see at the finish, as well as a display how the chances of success of this round are.

And of course Adult contend which opens new possibilities to get dice :)

But it also remains a classic variant playable.

I attach a few screenshots.

Thanks again for playing! Evtl you look sometime again purely :)

This shows up the ending Sequenz:
Green  -> Ending 1

Yellow -> Ending 2

Red -> Ending 3

New Bust:

New UI to show Dice, Rest fields, and  chance of success:

New Loading/Save Screen:

Do you have any plans for doing it on  phone?

Deleted 20 days ago

Today i try some test builds on mobile devices and I thing i looks good for a android version :) hope it works!

No matter how long I will wait :)

The new version definitely runs on Mobile :) Android should works too.

I finish to upgrade UI for all kind of input.

wow!! That's awesome!! I can't wait!!!

When will come the H-mode?


The Art is ready, Nekogotchi is finished so i can focus on this :) hope this year.

a little Translation note: "Dice" is already plural. "Die" is singular for "Dice"..... So you roll a single die, and waiting 50 years gets you 10 dice...

Anyways. The game itself is boring and devoid of anything. I mean the atmosphere started out pretty creepy but you are literally moving in a straight line at the whims of random number generation. There feels like there's no real stakes. If you land on a skull space it's because you chose to walk onto it instead of counting the spaces and just refusing to move. Dieing is really just an annoyance, and even though we are told she is being tortured for every 50 years she spends, we don't see it or feel like we should avoid it. There is nothing engaging about this game at all, full stop.


Thanks for playing and the feedback!  I can understand if it doesn't suit your taste.  It was just a little jam game, but i'm trying to polish it up!

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are there multiple endings?

i'm getting the feeling there are.

There are 3 endings, perhaps how often you die and how long you wait for dices.

The game is pretty much perfect, it has a really good atmosphere and really freaks you out near the end of the dungeon, but something that i think that could be changed is the difficulty, because dude, this game is hard, it took me one hour and thirty minutes to complete the game, just because it's based on Random Number Generation, i don't think it makes the game worse, i just think it's a little boring sometimes, i understand that there's not much to do about this, but it's just my opinion, still, i think everything is really good, the sounds could get a little improved to make the atmosphere even better.

For me, it's 9,5/10, congratulations.

Thanks a lot!  the level of difficulty was chosen to reflect their hopeless despair.  The game is designed by the guard so that it cannot be won.  I was all the more surprised that a tester really played it through with 5 dices.  It took him 2h for this ^ ~ ^.  The trick to make it easier is to get enough dices beforehand and to get free dices by dying on the first deathfield (save before if you don't roll 6, load).  In short, attempts to cheat!  The game is not fair to you either :) thanks for playing!

is there a showcase of the endings? i'm sort of a pussy and i had alot of suffering i went through in other games.


Not at the moment, maybe I'll load them on YT. But I would have to record them first. Since I'm currently revising the game, I don't know if all this works.


Really digging this!!

Can't wait for the hentai version .... 👀


thank you! that motivates me ^^

Takes unfortunately still its time, I make first Nekogotchi ready and deve then still at my other project.... 

in chapter 1 a stripteas field gets added.

In chapter 2 it will then more explicit contend.

How do I find the dice? 

you have to wait 50 years by the guardian

Ich gehe mal davon aus das du deutsch sprichst

Sehr interessantes spiel, ich werde es weiterverfolgen und auf den H content warten

Vielen Dank fürs Interesse ^^ ich habe auch ein Channel für das Spiel auf meine Discord Server. Dort gibt es mehr Infos und du bist herzlich eingeladen.

Da Nekomata nur ein Nebenprojekt von mir ist wird das noch eine Weile dauern.

Klar möchte ich auf den server kommen! Wo kann ich diesen finden? :3

Ich bin eigentlich nicht so oft auf itch io also wenn der irgendwo verlinkt ist seh ich ihn nicht.  und das geht klar stress dich nicht wenn du dir Zeit lässt wird das ergebnis nur besser

Is the english not availiable right now? Looks cool


you can change the language in the options

Thank you!


Thank you for playing :)


a nekomata isn't really a goddess you know
not that anyone really cares about folkloric accuracy nowadays


Nothing in this game is folkloric accurat. Your right. 

A very interesting short-game. Defenitely worth to check it out :)

Loading from save on the Mac version, everything is in German even though I started and saved the game in English.

Thanks for reporting! I'll check it out.

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I found the bug and work on a solution :) 

In the new version there will also be busts and an indicator at the beginning which end you will see if you make it. (There are 3)

AwesomE !! Good work man!

in what game engine you do the game?

RPG-Maker MV