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Help the guards prepare Nekomata for her master. But pay attention to her needs, otherwise it will be too much for the little goddess. Nekogotchi is a spin-off of my game Nekomata and connects chapters 1 & 2.  Chapter 1 is currently being reworked, Chapter 2 is planned.



Hilf den Wächtern dabei, Nekomata für ihren Meister vorzubereiten. Achte aber auf ihre Bedürfnisse, sonst wird es der kleinen Göttin Zuviel.

Nekogotchi ist ein Spin-off meines Spiels Nekomata und schlägt eine Verbindung zwischen Kapitel 1 & 2.  Kapitel 1 wird derzeit überarbeitet, Kapitel 2 ist geplant.

Nekomata Universe:


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAdult, Erotic, Hentai, neko, NSFW, pet, Pixel Art, sex, torture, Virtual Pet
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Touchscreen


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Nekogotchi_V1.1_Android.apk 102 MB
Nekogotchi_V1.0b_Android.apk 50 MB 123 MB 179 MB 237 MB (untested, no support) 259 MB

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I like this pet. It's so cute. I love it.

Very minor nitpick if if/when you update this again:  On the android version the golden lock icon is 1 pixel to the left compared to the others.

I understand this perfectionism in such things. If another patch comes I'll take a look at it!


How to get apple

Deleted 117 days ago


Happy easter !


Cutest Eastern  BunnyNeko ever.


Okay,I really do not to play,help please ,should I  click and wait ? uh sad


Buy your first activity for 1 dice in the shop. Use this to become more dice. Buy other activitys.

how to play ? where is the H? sir,thank

Help the guards prepare Nekomata for her master. But pay attention to her needs, otherwise it will be too much for the little goddess.

Isn't there a way to keep track of time in BG? Maybe get the seconds since game started or at least the Epoch. Then each second the app is focused, update the time based on how much has passed.


I try this, but i its not working. I hope i find a solution for this. I dont focus this project anymore, but i try to make a bugfix and time balancing patch in the future! Thx for playing!


i dont know is this a horror game or an eroge 


A taste of both

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Just started this game and already loving it! The only thing i suggest is to keep the sleep/bath timing alive on background (on android) because the timing is long and i have to keep the game screen on for it to run & end or else closing it just pauses the time. Other than that, i love everything about this game, the relaxing music, the cute atmosphere and art despite it being pet/torture/slavery game. Keep it up!

(1 edit) (+3)

wow, thx for this heart warming words! Maybe i reduce the timer for the next version. Its impossible to me to run the Time if the app is not in Focus, i hope to finde a solution for the problem. Have Fun and thx for playing!

Thanks and np! honestly, before i wasn't even interested in pet kinds of nsfw games but after trying it out, I'm starting to love and develop this kink, thanks to this game you made!!


Do you know if there is a way to put the app on picture over picture mode? Maybe thats the solution, and when its on pip mode only the timer shows tiny on the corner of the screen

Unfortunately I am not versed in android development. Someone else made the app for me. I can not give 100% support. But in the future I'll try to take a closer look.


Hello! I release V1.1, can you test the picture over picture mode again? It works good for me now.

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Is there a way to save progress on PC, because I don't want to start everything over just because I quit the game. The only button I can see is to delete progress which I already have

It saves all progress automatically.

Do I have to find save somewhere or it should just continue the game after I reopen it? I tested saving yesterday (bought 1st training with 1 cube), closed the game, reopened it, the game showed me intro, but nothing saved (I got my 1 cube again and training wasn't opened). I really like this game, but I still can't understand how to save.  

Which browser do you use? Are cookies allowed? Do you have a browser addon that restricts access? E.g. a script blocker or an add blocker?

where can I find the save files?
I keep deleting my save file on accident, I wanna make backups 

I'm not sure its so easy to find them in the Browser Locals. Maybe this Guide should Help:
I'm not trying it by myself.


Great game, but grinding dice takes too long, are there any cheats?

(1 edit)

Sry there are no cheats in the current version. Maybe i put some shortcuts in the new one.

Great games, I thing the timer to long i watch the screen for 3 minutes into your soul, for new player its so boring. the rest is good

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Thx for playing and your feedback!

I found some bugs!!

1. When i tie her up and change her clothes...she just flickers around instead of walking!

2. When i whip her when she's tied up, the cryng audio glitches out!(usually happens when clothes on)

(1 edit)

Thx for the report! I'm looking at this!

(1 edit) (+2)

How do you roll the dice on pc? Nvm IM dumb

Have Fun :)


Nice game but takes way too long to grind. 

Just an fyi for others: the most efficient way is to spam the thing that looks like a tail (it gives the most), immediately spend the dice and then just reset by going past her limit. Its way faster than waiting for her to sleep and refresh the heart (your progress saves after each purchase, so if you are doing this remember to buy stuff before the reset) 

If you do plan on updating this:

Having an option to choose which of the 3 unlocked training scenes play would be nice. I got the 3rd one for the whip and literally thought it bugged out because i didn't see the 3rd scene even after spamming that event. I only saw it once when grinding dice after beating the game, way after i thought a 3rd scene didn't exist for it. 

And like i said at the start, too grindy. I ended up not unlocking everything because it became too monotonous 


Thx for playing!

I will not change any more basic things. Maximum bugs fix. possibly I build a cheat for dice in the next update. Thanks for the feedback! The feedback will also flow into the next game.

A small neko for all grind tortured patients:

lol ty

What looks like a tail? The whip? It doesnt do anything! It just makes her cry! And how do i reset? Please explain!

You can use the whip to stop activities.  E.g.  the meditation (it does it if you don't supervise it for a day) You can reset the game on the left (at the very beginning of the bar).

(2 edits)

When you get farther along you unlock stuff, one of the stuff is a training thing with one of the beholders (the eye things). The symbol for that one looks very much like a tail

What i mean by reset is to go past her limit and bring her health to 0. This makes a gameover and you can start again from the same day you died with more hp and a full red heart thing that allows you to do stuff. 

The reason this is beneficial is because you get to keep any upgrades you made before that, so doing it this way you get to skip the sleeping afk. You still have to sit through the gameover screens and reloading, but thats way faster than letting her sleep

I found the whip useless as well but maybe there is a point to interrupting the meditation/etc that i dont know. There's no in game explaination for stuff so🤷‍♂️


Can we get a cheat code

Please if yes respond


Neko Escort Bonus gif!

Deleted 32 days ago

Thx! I happy that you like the idea of Adult Tamagotchi ^^

Deleted 32 days ago

Thx for the report!

(1 edit)

It's only Pose 2? Rest works fine?

I had this problem too, so far it's just the second one, but I will check if I can get the rest


Thx! I fix this already.

Unfortunately I don't have time to test everything and create a new version at the moment. The new version has to wait a little longer.

(Don't want new bugs, I have changed some other stuff too)

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good evening I wanted to know if there is only this game, and then if it is true updated I will be so short forever because I only play from Android and not from PC do I have updates on patreon?because I saw that there are two padlocks, one yellow and one green

Nekogotchi is finished for me. I focus onmy other Game Nekomata. You can change the skins if you klick on the "Snailtec Logo" and try to klick an here in different situations too :) have fun!


When one exits the app on Android, even without closing it, the time of the things wont proceed. Waiting minutes while doing nothing really makes the gane boring. 

Otherwise i dont know. I tried it just a bit and wont continue it because of what i said. 


yeah i know, its the problem of the engine. I have no fix for this :(

awesome game

Thx! Have Fun!

Deleted 230 days ago

So far, no Linux version has run on the export, with several testers. I guess it would not work.

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How to get more dice?

buy the first activity for 1 dice in the shop


Entiendo que dormir dure unos 3 minutos pero,comer y bañarse también?

Si hubiera una manera de acortar el tiempo sería más disfrutable,sinceramente se vuelve aburrido muy rápido,si hubiera una posibilidad yo sugeriría que se reduzca el tiempo para hacer esas acciones o que se pueda saltar o jugar un mini juego para pasar el rato mientras se espera(porque en android no se puede dejar en segundo plano)

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I don't understand what to do at all.  I can give her food, give her a bath, have her sleep, or whip her until she cries and I feel like an absolutely terrible person.  :(

But none of this seems to make any of the two meters go up or down or give me any of these dice that people are talking about.  Is it glitched maybe?  There doesn't seem to be any feedback that anything I do is actually progressing with anything.  It seems like it says I'm getting hearts after I do the nice things, but the heart meter looks like it's maxed anyway and never changes, as far as I can tell...

Really cute art though.


Go to the store (the monster with the eye) and buy your first activity for one dice. (currency)

Thank you.  I went to the first store and saw that they were all 15, then went to the second store and didn't realize they were cheaper there.  Sorry that I'm a bit dumb, heh.  Thank you very much!


Does not matter, the main thing that I could help you :)
Not everything in the game is immediately obvious without a manual.

Have Fun!

esta chido y entretenido


(1 edit)

how do you get more than 9 dice? like I got the second torture option and from then on I couldn't get more than 9 dice, obviously I couldn't spend any so I was stuck doing the same thing and even after I got both of the bars to 100 nothing happened. did I miss something or what?  edit: wow ok nvm apparently the cap is 9 but you can lower the price of things in the shop with dice you already have


its a confusing thing.. sry for this. In the next version i allowed to stack to 99

Issue with web version on android. After washing neko game loads forever. Luckily it saves it and i can just refresh the page.

Thx for reporting!

Im not sure if its just me, but for some reason. every 6 or so minutes, the game just freezes. I can still click buttons, but nothing on the screen changes.

Strange, it works fine for me. Maybe you can try to resett your savestate. 

(1 edit)

I just tried that but it still happens for some reason, it might be something on my end so ill try to check it out when i get the chance (probably not gonna be anytime soon tho)

also theres a bug where if you press the right button on the keyboard in the shop menu, it brings up some other shop. (idk what that is yet, didnt progress too far into the game to know what it is).

Thx for trying, is this in the Web oder in den Download Version?

you really have to grind in this game 

(1 edit) (+1)

is probably a matter of taste, but if you only want pictures I now have the artbook ;)

Found a glitch where the game never loads after the bath it just loads forever

(3 edits)

Thx for reporting. She seems to have some problems to leave the loading-screen sometimes..


Can you please post an update log? That would be really helpful to see if there's enough new content to start playing from the beginning again! :=)

For now a comment saying that it's worth it since the last update will suffice. 


The game is compled. There will be no new contend. If I find time I will create a bugfix patch to bring the game to version 1.0 and fix all reported bugs. After that I will rework part 1 of Nekomata and develop part 2.

(2 edits) (+1)

Awesome :=), I'll gladly await the rework and part 2. 

(1 edit)

i dont know if im experiencing a bug or doing something wrong, but no matter how often i do stuff with (the whip) or for (the care options) her, the meteres remain the way they are on 100 health and 0 "broken" and i cant find a way to unlock more

EDIT: it was an issue that i wasnt able to navigate the initial shop with the keyboard, it send me over to a different shop

Thanks for reporting.  I have a look at it!

I got stuck on the fact that you can only have 9 dice...


You can buy stuff over. It reduces the cost of a item by 5 if you buy it.

Yeah I figured that out but it didn't seem very obvious..

Sweet game, I enjoyed playing it and I love the pixel art! Nekomata is cute!

I did find what is maybe a glitch thing though. You can access the menu for the magnifying glass early if you enter one of the shops and then press the right arrow key on your keyboard.


Thanks for reporting!

Have fun!

Greetings from my pixelartist:

Why the fuck does lvl 3 chains only give you 2 dice when lvl 2 gives you 4??


I will look at this. Thx for reporting!

(1 edit)

Ah I see what you mean. That's because in Chains 1u2 you have to do a little mini-game for more dices. In level 3, on the other hand, you just click a button.

There's a bug with the heart punishment thingie where you can click on return arrow when you choose where to cum and then that sound just loops forever afterwards.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thx! I try to fix this.

She's stuck a little.

(1 edit)

The macbook version is broken, started game and got EROFS:Read-only file system

Thank you for the notification. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac on which I can test something like that. I'm trying to fix it in a new version. otherwise I have to delete the mac version. It helps users to move the game out of the download directory

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