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The sex scene didnt work and the frames dont upload in the main scene

But pretty good game!

It's a demo so I thought it was free but it is not 0/10

An option for a female protagonist would be appreciated.

Very fun Game could only recommend top Not give Up and keep adding more stuff

Thx for you words. The project is paused. Maybe i will return one day and change the mechanics for better gameplay. And add the rest.

Is anyone else having problems with android version???

What's the problem?

Not being able to download

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I testet it and the download works. What device are you using? Or which browser.

Yeah, I also have that problem.. I guess my Android version is old , haha

What version of Android do you have?

v. 8.1.0

what is the main purpose of the plop fantasy game?

You help the witch to collect essence and get rewarded for it. Later she sends you to other girls who need help.


what kind of reward?

sexuall rewards


like naked and sex?

yes naked and sex and dirty xxx stuff.


Honestly I wish there was an option after all that work to just tell her "no, I don't wanna fuck you" and she's just there desperate and begins to masturbate alone like "ok, I guess I'll do it myself" 


So you wish you had more choice at the end? Thx for the funny idea! ^^


You are welcome n.n

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There's just not enough to this and even if it's a demo it's not displaying anything desirable. I'm a big fan of your nekogotchi game. I prefer your pixel art hentai. The plopping would be more fun on a mobile I guess but aiming and clicking with a cursor just isn't a nice feeling, perhaps alter it from plopping to click and drag motion (or something like that)? But above everything else, it needs some game mechanics. Like power-ups would be one suggestion, but be careful so that this doesn't just become another cookie-clicker copy that wastes battery on auto pilot. Just my 2 cents.

Thx for the Feedback,  i put some new mechanics in the game. I hope i have time for Nekomata soon for more pixel neko contend :)


Sadly this game is.. just too long winded. For an adult game, nobody is going to want stay horny enough to click 4000-6000 times just to get to see some sex scene. Which isn't available in the demo release. 

That being said, the artwork so far is great.


We also collect feedback for the full version with the demo. Thanks for your opinion!


The demo should run faster now. The beginning has also been slightly adjusted. Try to plop 6 greens like a chain. This gives a combo. This also allows you to progress much faster. The red and blue also come earlier and more often. 

(Update 1.1)


A stride in the right direction. Thank you for the update :3

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I mentioned it in the description.


That would be okay if there *was* a full version of the game already. Lack of a full version or even enough of a game to constitute a first chapter on the other hand makes it seem like you're overly greedy. =/ Especially given there's a planned second set of girls which, judging by your current business model, you have every intention of charging extra for. You haven't even completed the first set of characters and you're trying to put out a 'demo' for an incomplete game. Demos are for when the game is done. 


We wanted to see with the demo how people react to it, if things have to be done differently or changed. i have already changed the beginning based on feedback and we will add things there as well. Call it a preview, call it a demo, in the end it's a quibble. in the end it would be a lot more work to make changes in a full version than it is now in the development process. May be we will add the final image based on the feedback. We still have to discuss that. To accuse us of being greedy just because we are cautious and don't want to give everything away for free is a shame. I don't know if you are a developer yourself or know how much life time it can take to develop games but I can tell you that we have fun developing it and don't want to offend anyone.

It has also been written above what the content of the demo is since the first day.

We will then present our sales model when the game is finished. because showing people what is planned is not a problem for me either?


It's nice that you're extrapolating information with at least some accuracy, but you missed what was said. Your model so far makes it look like you are greedy - this isn't to say you are, but you're using the model of a drug dealer here - which would work if you had a finished product, but you don't - in that you're giving people a small taste for free, just enough to try and hook us, but not enough to truly expose us to what it'd be like. Not that your game is likely to destroy lives, unlike Genshin Impact, but it's a decent enough comparison. 'First one's free, pay for the rest' is a common trope used in a lot of very sketchy and very unhealthy business models, both in gaming and outside of it.


Thanks for your opinion and playing the game. I hope you understand that i won't talk about such things here. Especially when people say we are greedy and compare our release model with drug dealers even before there are any prices. We will continue to update the demo based on feedback and then see how we proceeded. Have a nice day.


Ploping makes fun! With hot makes more fun!!!

Ploping is love


The natural evolution of plopping lol! I think is started with 100+ plops, maybe it has to do with me having played the snowman game before? 

Strange Thing, it can be. I try to fix this in the next version! Happy plopping!