[Release] Dampftraum V1.5 WIP English Version

Dampftraum V1.5 Work in progress 

-English language


-Change some steam eggs


Dampftraum_V1.5_WIP_WINDOWS.zip 891 MB
51 days ago
Dampftraum_V1.5_WIP_LINUX.zip 1,005 MB
51 days ago

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So far the game looks really nice and the music is pretty charming. However, for some reason I'm experiencing a heavy fps drop after getting outside the house, and the sounds stop too. Haven't checked it on pc though, I was playing on joiplay, but it's the first time I experience such a problem in rmaker games. Too many animations, probably? 

Sry I can not support Joiplay. If a mobile version would be possible without problems then I would have created one myself. Bugs that Joiplay causes I can not fix. Since my game works on Windows you have to ask the makers of Joiplay. Joiplay probably doesn't support most of the complex plugins that Dampftraum uses.

Oh, I see. Well then, not a big deal.

Btw, I may be mistaken, but upon inspecting the air conditioner the mc says something like "4.xxxxxxx degrees is to hot", while there should be "too hot". If only I got it right, of course.


bugs are horror for every developer, so thats nice that you can fix them!